Career Management

You are thinking about a new step in your career? Or, worse, you have e career crisis? Do not worry, use this as a turning-point, think about crisis the way the Chinese do, looking to their character for crisis. The character is a combination of two characters: one depicts danger and the other opportunity. It reflects an underlying philosophy that believes a crisis can potentially hurt us. We should be careful and alert. But it also suggests we can emerge from this crisis stronger if we recognize the opportunity it affords. 

APM can provide you a  professional guidance.With your consultant you are going to develop career strategies that clearly describe the direction you wish to take. 

Program components 

  • do some tests
  • write a biography
  • evaluate your skills, strengths, values
  • detect your pitfalls
  • make a strategy and maximize opportunities
  • develop an action plan 

This program takes 5-6 months, with about 15 meetings.It cost you at least half a day a week. At the end, you will come away with a framework for reviewing your options and developing and implementing a realistic strategy.

To be successful in life one has to be upright.
This fits into the law of nature.                       
It’s just like creation,
in which you find all the living things.
Creation is without selfish motives;
It is wholesome and quietly accomplished.

The Silence of the Wise                                                       
The Sayings of LAO ZI                                                         
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